Welcome to the whimsical world of Furlings, where imagination meets enchantment! This interactive plush toy captivates children with their curiously cute design and surprises them with their irresistible lovability. Meet the Furlings: Aspen, the adventurous yeti, Finley, the loving dragon, and Cleo, the mischievous jackalope. With their long whimsical tails, magically animated eyes and irresistibly fluffy fur, Furlings are more than just adorable friends – they’re treasured companions. Packed with 80+ grins and growls, each Furlings character is ready to react to your child’s play patterns, ensuring every interaction is filled with joy and surprise. Let your imagination soar with Furlings and discover the joy of true companionship!


Introducing Aspen, the loveable and cuddly member of Furlings! Covered in thick, snowy-white fur, Aspen is always ready to explore the frosty wilderness and uncover new wonders. Aspen’s bravery and adventurous spirit inspires friends to embrace the thrill of exploration. With Aspen as your furry companion, each day will be filled with warmth, wonder and adventure!